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The Cheapest Way to Seed Your Lawn

Step By Step Approach to Seeding Your Lawn on the Cheap


There is a lot of debate on the best way to seed a lawn. Some people advocate for a thick layer of seed, while others say that this is a waste of money and that a thin layer is all you need. There are also those who believe in top dressing the lawn with compost or other soil amendments before seeding. Ultimately, the best way to seed your lawn on the cheap is to do it yourself and figure out what works best for your yard.
To seed your lawn on the cheap, start by removing any debris from the area, including rocks, sticks, and leaves. Next, till the soil to a depth of about four inches. If the soil is clayey or sandy, you may want to add some compost into the mix. Watch this great video from the Rusted Garden for more great tips.



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